ANNOVAR Free Demo:
This sample page was created for demonstration purposes only, as the free trial of ANNOVAR is not available.  Please note that this is not the actual analysis tool.  This free demo page provides an overview of the general annotation workflow and sample output results in the ANNOVAR analysis tool. The input sample files and output results in this demo are available only in text file format.  The result pages and the log files are displayed for better understanding of the annotation process.  Note: The actual analysis or programming scripts are not running to execute the results; you are only viewing the text files. The live ANNOVAR tool is a command line program with many other advanced functions.
SAMPLE INPUT FILE: file name="sample.human"
ANALYSIS STEP 1: : Choose database to map your variants from one of the three categories below
Only some of the databases are shown in each category:
(i) Gene based annotation List of Gene based annotation databases
(ii) Region based annotation List of Region based annotation databases
Data from Genome Trax™ HGMD® GWAS Combined View all tracks from Genome Trax™  
(iii) Filter based annotation List of Filter based annotation databases
  snp137 avsift 1000genome (EUR dataset)


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