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Introduction to the Human Fungal Pathogen Proteome Database (MycoPathPD)

The Human Fungal Pathogen Proteome Database (MycoPathPD) is a component of the Fungal Collection and contains comprehensive information on the entire proteomes of Candida albicans and seventeen other human fungal pathogens. Detailed information about the fungal species covered in MycoPathPD is provided here

MycoPathPD comprises individual Locus Reports that are inter-linked to facilitate searching across the multiple proteins. Click here for information about the general structure of Locus Reports.

Please note: YPD, PombePD, and MycoPathPD are offered as a single Proteome Fungal Collection but are described separately because some of their features are unique to the particular volumes.

Other Important Features of MycoPathPD

Other important features of MycoPathPD are described below, and links to detailed information about these features are provided.

BioKnowledge Transfer (BKT)

BioKnowledge Transfer is a proprietary annotation process for the Proteome Databases that entails predicting functions and roles for previously uncharacterized proteins. Details about this powerful process are provided here.

Functional Genomics Data

MycoPathPD contains information derived from large-scale, high-throughput experiments such as microarray analysis, which are designed to uncover properties of large groups of proteins. Details about how this information is curated and displayed are provided here.

Additional Information about MycoPathPD

Additional information about MycoPathPD is provided below, with links to details.

Citing MycoPathPD

Instructions for citing MycoPathPD are provided here.

Printing MycoPathPD Reports

Instructions for printing MycoPathPD Reports are provided here.

Proteome Database Publications

A list of publications about the Proteome Databases is provided here.

Gene Ontology (GO) Version Report

A report of the weekly updates of the GO vocabularies used in Proteome Database curation is provided here.


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